Help Hornbrook Horses


and Friends

Use your talents for Good, help those in need. Donate your art, your time, your spirit, your love.

“Almost 60 miles of ranching and farming pastures and fence posts were destroyed…. 82 structures were destroyed as this wind driven fire blew through the small community of Hornbrook Ca. The Klamathon Fire!

38000 acres burned sadly a man lost his life…. Hay barns full of hay just brought in were destroyed  ranchers equipment, vehicles and most structures that protected animals from the elements were destroyed… the day this fire was put out the Carr Fire in Redding Ca,  started and all resources were pulled from Hornbrook, Ca and taken to the fire in Redding… this left this community without drinking water not only for themselves but all their animals… 95 degree heat…. they were completely abandoned as truck loads of water drove right past them to go to the other fire.”
Hello everyone, We’re reaching out for your help!

Dean Angermeier Teri Coté are playing a benefit concert at the Greensprings Inn and Cabins on the 13th of Dec from 6 pm to whenever the event stops, with selected special musical guests and a jam to end the evening with a rhythmic frenzy! This is a major fundraising event!

Help Hornbrook Horses and Friends, friends being cows, sheep, goats, alpaca’s and other all other animals that graze for survival. They were completely burned out and don’t have food or water. The pastures have all been burned down as well as all the fences, causing the animals to get caught in the wires, while they roam, seeking food. We need all the help we can possibly get!!!  

Please help us raise money to stabilize this dire straight situation.

Hay can be donated as well as building and fencing materials, art for auction, music cd’s still in their wrappers and any products and/or services if you’re a business owner!

Let us know if you’re interested to participate : ) wether it be donations, your presence at the show or your ongoing support into the winter, which is needed.

We’re kindly asking all who plan to be present to our Dec 13 event, to RSVP on the Event Page created by Diarmuid at The Green Springs Inn. We really need to have as accurate as a count as possible for a successful fundraiser. Thank you in advance.

(And with todays technology, remember, you don’t have to be LOCAL to be HELPFUL)

We’re thrilled with the donations already given and cannot thank you all enough!

Gratitude and Blessings!


Hay donations ask for:

Jana Toney Klamathon Fire Fund account at “any” Umpqua Bank. 

Checks can be mailed to:

Jana Toney Fire Fund

P.O. Box 3038

Ashland, Or 97520