HORNBROOK BENEFIT CONCERT The Green Springs Inn and Cabins Ashland, Oregon.

Dean Angermeier and I are The Funking Monkeys and we’re playing a Benefit Concert with special guests for The Hornbrook Horses who got caught in the Klamathon Fire. The event will take place at the Greensprings Inn and Cabins on Dec 13th from 6 pm to whenever the event stops – more details below.  

Come join our support of the Equine Klamathon Fire victims! It’s not only horses that were scathed by this incineration, but cows, goats, sheep, alpaca’s and all the other animals that survive on pasture grazing, have been completely burned out with little to no resources for survival. They are desperate and need our support, please share your spirit, time, money, love and compassion in a fun night full of music, art and good cheer. Let’s turn to art and loving people to bring BIG support to those who’ve fallen victims to a terribly tragic situation. 

Our neighbors across the state line lost homes and pastures in the Klamathon Fire that started on July 5 and burned for two weeks. Fenceposts were consumed and livestock dispersed. Almost 60 miles of fencing are down along with miles of pastures burned leaving nothing for horse, cattle, sheep, goats, or alpacas to eat unless they are fed. With all the wires down it makes it very dangerous for animals to get tangled up in it, and they are!  Now folks are corralling animals but they are short of feed.  

38000 acres burned sadly a man lost his life…. Hay barns full of hay just brought in were destroyed ranchers equipment, vehicles and most structures that protected animals from the elements were destroyed… the day this fire was put out the Carr Fire in Redding Ca,  started and all resources were pulled from Hornbrook, Ca and taken to the fire in Redding… this left this community without drinking water not only for themselves but all their animals…..in 95 degree heat…. they were completely abandoned as truck loads of water drove right past them to go to the other fire.”

It’s been a rough go for these victims, we just want to see them all get what they need.

“People have been left to feed animals or put fencing up. They cant afford to do both.” These are desperate measures and they need our help! 


Hay can be donated as well as building and fencing materials and money.  Anything is appreciated. Please help us raise money the means to help stabilize their livestock community.

We are  asking for art donations of any kind for an auction on the night of the event, in the Forrest Room. It could be anything from a sketch to a sculpture, photograph, necklace, leatherwork, you name it, anything that might raise money to feed these hungry and traumatized animals.

Maybe you have an piece of art that you would like to donate?  If you know anyone else who would be happy to donate a piece of art, it would be such a sweet gesture for an incredible need! 

Let us know if you’re interested in participating in ANY way – wether it be donations, your presence at the show or ongoing help after Dec 13, we will be keeping the fundraising moving forward, this is not going to stabilize over night. If you’re interested in  helping physically on site, contact Jana Toney info below.

We’re asking all who plan to be present on Dec 13th, to RSVP on the Event Page created by Diarmuid at The Green Springs Inn and Cabins. We really need to have as accurate as a count as possible in order for a successful event!

Thank you in advance!

We’re thrilled with the donations already given and cannot thank you all enough! 

Gratitude and Blessings!


Donations : 

Jana Toney Klamathon Fire Fund account at “any” Umpqua Bank.

Checks mail to:

Jana Toney Fire Fund

P.O. Box 3038

Ashland, Or 97520

For more information call:

Jana Toney


or email: 


The Green Springs Inn and Cabins

A delightful surprise in the middle of the 

woods after an exciting wild ride up the mountain!

Dean Angermeier & Teri Coté

Funking Monkeys

” Beauty as far                            as the eye can see”

The most beautiful getaway, enjoy these state of the art cabins while here on the Greensprings.

THE EVENT – Dec 13, 2018. 

6 PM – to the end

LIVE Musical Entertainment Dean Angermeier, Teri Coté and guests. 

Food avail, Beer, Wine Art and Music Donations.

We are accepting music and art donations for the silent auction on Dec 13. Paintings, prints, photography, jewelry, sculpture, woodwork and art of any kind are accepted and appreciated. You can see the donations here on this site, go to the Art and Music Donations page. 

This event right around the calendar corner, so please put a rush on your donations, so we can make a bigger impact!

If you have any cd’s of music still in it’s wrapper, please feel free to donate. If you’re a musician yourself and have your own music you’ve recorded and want to donate, we’d be very grateful. 

Below our first cd donors, Karen Lovely, Ben Rice and Sergio Bellotti. 

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